Tips on How To Be That Better Parent Every Child Needs.


You will agree with me that even the most seasoned parent still needs a little help dealing with the most common parenting issues.

Well, I have some great tips to help you be that better parent your child needs.

  • Be in Charge. Let your child know that you are the one in charge. Set your boundaries with love. Let your child respect you all the time.
  • Let your child be independent. This should start as early as possible. Let your child clear her toy mess once she is through with playing. Allow her to help with cutting of the tomatoes while you are preparing dinner. Let her clear the table after dinner. This could be messy at first but trust me, we all need responsible people and this starts when you let your children do things for themselves from an early age. You don’t want to have a teenager in the house who can’t wash her own under wear.
  • Teach your children self-reliance and resilience. As a parent, don’t try fixing everything for your little ones. Allow them to come up with solutions to their problems. Don’t let your children have a habit of rushing to you whenever they have issues to handle.
  • Pick up you battles wisely. As a parent, you need to focus on things that really matter. You don’t need to be fighting and quarrelling about everything. Children are growing up and they will not be able to take in everything that they are told. Why fight over food that she does not want to eat, clothes she does not want to put on or an event she does not want to attend? Allow your child to choose what she wants once in a while. Don’t be too hard on them.
  • Discipline: Teach your children that being disciplined is not being punished. Let your children know the difference between right and wrong from an early age. Correct them with love and they will turn out to be those citizens we all want. All successful people are disciplined.
  • Have time for your children. Most of us are busy climbing our career ladders at the expense of our own children. We have dedicated duties meant for us to our children care givers. Create time for your child. Let them choose an activity and get involved. Play games with them however childish they may be. Enjoy and have fun.
  • Schedule Family Special Time. It is up to you as a parent to spare some 15-30 minutes every day for your family. You need to catch up on the day’s happenings and hear from your children. This the only time you will know what your child needs. You can read a book/Bible together, have a family fellowship, ask them about their day etc.
  • Love your children equally. Most parents fail on this one. Every child is unique but as a parent, you need not to show your biasness towards one child over the other. Acknowledge each one of them with their unique strengths as you encourage the weaker ones and let them know your love for them is equal.
  • Protect your children. As a parent, your children look up to you for protection and safety especially when still young. Create a safe environment for them. There are so many cases of care givers mistreating children. Ensure whoever you leave your child with is someone you can trust. Call your child’s teacher to find out how your child is doing while at school etc. Let your child know he can count on you when in trouble.
  • Create your ‘Me” time. You need to relax to be able to handle parenthood. Take a holiday to some destination, relax your mind and get new strength to continue with parenting. You can also lock yourself up in the bedroom and sleep or go get that pedicure/manicure/facial you have not had in a while.
  • Ask God for Wisdom. Even as you do all the above, you need to ask God for wisdom to help you in bringing up your children. Remember you are just a custodian to those children given to you by God and therefore you need to involve Him in bringing them up. Pray to Him always to give you guidance.

Let us all strive to be better parents to our children.

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New Born Clothes – What to Consider While Shopping.

clothes 2Interesting! Why would I need to put anything into consideration when I go shopping for my baby? I mean, there are so many cute tempting baby clothes in the market that I will just pick as long as my baby looks great in them…. You are wrong. Before you get over excited on how you will dress up your baby, there are a few things you will need to consider as listed below:


  1. The size of the clothes. 

It is hard to predict what size of clothing your newborn will need at first especially for the first time moms to be. The other thing is babies grow first. Don’t spent lots of your money buying those small outfits and end up going back to the market because your baby outgrew them sooner than you expected.  Sizes vary from manufacturers to the type of garment. You will see some labelled 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months etc. My advice is, pick clothes in different sizes. 

2. Don’t buy complicated clothes that will give you a hard time while dressing your baby.

Newborn’s hands and legs are very delicate. You do not want to break any of your baby’s body parts while dressing him. Get clothes that will give you an easy time while dressing your baby. Clothes should be easier to get over your baby’s head , have buttons and zips at the front, have plenty of room in the neck and snaps to slip easily over the head.

3. Comfortable clothing.

A baby who is not comfortable will make your nursing journey a difficult one. Get clothes that will fit your baby and not the other way round. Avoid clothes that are so tight especially at the neck area. When buying things like trousers and stockings, get those with stretchy waistbands that will fit easily on your baby’s belly and diaper and expand when needed to.

4. The fabric of the clothes. 

Your newborn’s skin is very delicate and can easily be irritated by the material of the clothes you dress them in. Get clothes made of soft materials that are not so harsh to the skin. You will also need clothes that will not need much of your time to clean and iron. Remember, during the first days of your baby, you have little time to spare which should not be wasted on cleaning and ironing of baby’s clothes. Infact, it is advisable to get garments you can throw in the washing machine and do not need ironing thereafter.

5. How many clothes will your new born need? 

This will entirely depend on a few things. How often do you intend to be cleaning the clothes? During what period of the year are you getting your baby? Is it that time when it is too cold and clothes take ages to dry up? How many times will you be changing your baby in a day? Remember that babies are very messy especially when it comes to diaper changing and feeding. You also don’t want to buy so many clothes that your baby will outgrow before trying all of them on. Just buy enough.

6. Accessorised garments. 

This would be very dangerous as they can be chocking hazards to your newborn. Avoid clothings that have things like bow ties, beads, hanging threads and strings etc. It is always better to be safe than be sorry.

As you go shopping for your newborn, consider the above and enjoy your shopping as you wait for your bundle of joy to land safely.

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Vaginal Bleeding and Discharge After Delivery.


What is this?

It is also referred to as Lochia. This is how your body eliminates the extra blood and tissue that your baby used for growth and nourishment from your uterus.

It is normally a bright-red heavy flow of blood for the first few days which will gradually tapper off and become watery changing from brown or pink to white or yellow and can go on for a number of weeks after delivery.

Every one experiences it whether you had a vaginal birth or delivered through C-Section.

As a new mother you will need to do the following:

  • Maintain High levels of Cleanliness.

This is not optional unless you want to smell and develop infections. You have to maintain high levels of hygiene and cleanliness. Not cleaning up well could also lead to infections in cases where there was a cut or tear and one was stitched.

To maintain cleanliness, bathe regularly. You can also choose to use a gentle squeeze of warm water from a bottle instead of wiping with tissue every time you visit the toilet for short calls.

  • Use of Sanitary Towels.

You do not want blood stains on your underwear and clothes. It is actually embarrassing to walk around with patches of blood on your clothes. We have so many good quality maternity pads in the market that you can choose to use. Your choice will depend entirely on how heavy your flow is, how big or small you are and the affordability. Some women would prefer using cotton wool as well as the normal sanitary towels if the lochia is not too much. It is equally important that you use only sanitary pads as tampons can introduce bacteria that lead to infections.

  • Getting Enough Rest

If you experience heavy bleeding for a long time, it could be that you are straining a lot. You need to get enough rest and help your body heal naturally fast.


When to Seek Medical Help

  • Heavy vaginal bleeding

One should only have heavy flows within the first few days. After which, the flow reduces to a lighter discharge. If your flow persists to being a heavy one, then there is need to seek medical advice as it could be fatal.

  • The discharge has a foul odor

Your lochia should have no foul smell. If you notice any bad smell, then you need to seek medical help as soon as possible as it could be an infection.

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5 Ways To Relieve Shortness of Breath in Pregnancy.

This is a normal occurrence in pregnant women. During the first trimester, there are increased levels of the progesterone hormone that affects the lungs and the respiratory center in one’s brain. As the pregnancy progresses to the third trimester, the lungs and the diaphragm are also more likely to suffer compression due to one’s growing uterus, not allowing the two to expand fully when one catches her breath. Every pregnant woman needs more oxygen and might feel like she is not getting enough.

What Can I Do to Relieve Shortness of Breath?

There are many ways with which one can try to relieve the shortness of breath.

  • Maintaining good sitting and standing postures. 

Your lungs need enough space to breath. You should try sitting up tall and standing up straight. This will make your breathing easier.

  • Taking it slow

Every woman is expected to slow down on all the activities the moment she discovers she is pregnant. Normally when you rush, you make your heart and lung work more harder which might lead to shortness of breath. Be easy on yourself.

  • Relax.

One would panick and start worrying so much incase she experiences shortness of breath especially if it is the first time. By doing this, you would only be making the situation worse. You are advised to stay calm by taking a deep breath and then relaxing.

  • Sleeping Position

Pregnant women are always advised to sleep on their left sides. This helps in ensuring that you do not insert so much pressure on vital body organs like the lungs. You can also try placing pillows under your upper body in a semi-sitting position to help expand the space in your abdominal cavity hence reducing the pressure your uterus places on the lungs.

  • Ensure you Eat a Well Balanced and Healthy Diet.

This is not optional. If you want to remain healthy during your pregnancy, you need to eat meals that are balanced. Take lots of water to remain hydrated. Include many fruits and vegetables in your diet too. And remember to exercise lightly.

When Do I Visit a Doctor? 

As said earlier, shortness of breath in pregnant women is a normal occurrence throughout the three trimesters. This will last for just a short time. However, if you experience any of the following signs, then you need to seek medical advice.

  1. Chest pains
  2. Your lips turning blue
  3. Wheezing
  4. Coughing
  5. Acute shortness of breath
  6. Quickening of your pulse rate.

Also note that asthmatic and aneamic people are more likely to get frequent breathing difficulties and these two need to be ruled out by your doctor.

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9 Nursing Mums Essentials

Congratulations on your bundle of joy! Nursing a baby is the most beautiful thing but trust me it might end up being the most difficult one too if you do not prepare well. You need to fully and seriously commit yourself to breastfeed your little one. There is no other better way to bond with your baby other than through breast feeding.

As a nursing mum, there are a must have things that you need. You might buy before the baby arrives or might wait until your baby is here to buy them. These include:

  • A Nursing Pillow. 

nursing pillows

This helps in getting the right nursing positions for both the baby and the mother. It will also give you the support you need while breastfeeding to avoid hurting yourself. Find one that is soft and firm.

  • Milk Booster

You are looking forward to exclusively breastfeed your baby for six months and therefore low supply of milk is not an option. You need to boost your supply levels by health things like lactating cookies that also contain vitamins. We have several other spices in the market that are used to boost milk supply. You can also consider taking foods like Njahi, Bone soups, kienyeji vegetables to ensure that your baby gets enough milk.

  • Breast pads.

breast pads

There is nothing as embarrassing as having milk “maps” on your fancy top due to breast milk leakages. In the early days of nursing, leackages is a normal occurence and therefore you need to have breast pads to help absorb the leaking milk. We have both the disposable and the washable ones. It is up to you to choose which ones you want.

  • Milk Storage Bags & Bottles


Whether you are a stay at home mum or a working mum, you need to store some breast milk for your little one. There are times when your supply is more than the demand and instead of letting that precious commodity go to waste. you might consider expressing and storing for future use. You will find quite a number of such storage bags and bottles in the market.

  • Nipple Creams

Ouch! Cracked nipples. This is sometimes inevitable especially during the first days of nursing with poor latching. Your baby is hungry, you are there with cracked nipples that you scream everytime your baby is sucking. You need to get a natural and safe nipple cream. It is advisable to seek medical advise on this.

  • Baby Bottles

This are for transitioning your baby from the nipple to the bottle. If you express your breast milk and want to leave your baby with the caregiver, then you will need feeding bottles. There is quite a variety in the market and you might need to try out a few before getting one that is good for your baby.

  • Nursing Covers.

Someone is wondering why one needs to cover up her baby while breastfeeding. Some people like privacy and therefore a nursing cover will come in handy. Pick one that is light as most babies tend to sweat more while feeding and you don’t want to add them more heat.

  • Nursing Attires

This is also a crucial thing every nursing mum needs. You need comfortable attires that will not restrict you from feeding your baby. You might consider going for outfits with stretchy necks, Button-down shirts or camisoles. All these will allow you to easily feed your little one.

  • Nursing Bras.


Why do you need nursing bras yet you will be in the house? These are very important as your breasts are undergoing serious changes in size and therefore need support from good fitting nursing bras. Get well fitting omfortable bras.

As you nurse your little one, ensure to get the right foods to have a consistent supply of milk. Enjoy your nursing journey!

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Breast Pumps

Once a baby is born, every working mum’s worry becomes what happens after three months are over and it is time to resume work? How will you manage to exclusively breastfeed your child for six months when you resume work? How will you deal with those painful engorged breasts during the day while at work? All these questions can be answered by a single necessity, a breast pump. This an essential item though not all moms need it.

What are the benefits of a breast pump? 

  • For those mums who give birth to pre mature babies who can’t latch on your breasts, you will need to express your breast milk using a breast pump or hands.
  • Some women tend to have low milk supply hence can use a breast pump to stimulate lactation
  • After resuming work, you can comfortably continue breastfeeding your little one by using a breast pump to express your breat milk which is stored safely and bottle fed to your baby by the caregiver.
  • If you experience engorged breasts, you can as wel use a breast pump to help relive the pain and the pressure though this might sometimes make it worse.

What to look for while buying a breast pump.

We have so many brands of breast pumps in the market with different features to suit our different needs. You need to go for the one that will work well for you. Listed below are some of the things to look out for before buying one.

  • Your Need.

Are you buying the Breast pump because you need it for regular pumping or occassional pumping? Will you be separated from your baby for long or are you just leaving to run an errand and come back? By this, I mean that you should buy a breast pump that will give you the much breast milk that you need. We have manual, single electric and double electric pumps. You might consider buying the double electric pump if you need to regularly pump and have a steady supply of electricity.

  • Price 

We all are different in terms of our economic status. You need to get a breast pump that you will comfortably pay for without taking a loan from somewhere. Ever heard of living within our means? Yes, buy one that you can afford.

  • Essential Parts

All Breast pumps have essential parts. Ensure that the pump you are getting has all these parts for proper functioning. And incase one breaks down, are you able to get a spare or you will need to replace the whole pump?

  • Cleaning

How easy is the breast pump you are going for easy to clean? Remember you need to observe highest level of cleanliness while expressing milk otherwise you will pass many infections to your little one.

Enjoy you expressing journey as you take care of your little one. 

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Nursing Bras


Nursing a new born is something every expectant mum looks forward to…. Why? Because it is one of the earliest and surest way of bonding with that little being that you have carried in your womb for all that long…. Unfortunately, this does not always happen as some mothers just don’t have the milk or they find it hard to nurse due to the wrong attires.

One of the  attires to be considered most during nursing is the Nursing Bra. You will note that during this journey right from the pregnancy through nursing, your breasts will undergo major changes. They become fuller and tender. You will not just get any bra. you might need to consider the following when choosing the right bras.

  • Quality 

You need to select good quality bras. This will include strong straps to firmly support your heavy breast and right material. In this case, you do not have the time to go back shopping because your bra strap became loose or something of the sort.

  • Right Size

Your breast will not be the same as when you were not nursing…. They will slightly be bigger than their normal size. Get the right fitting bras. Ensure to get the right cup and band size. You need to be comfortable to be able to relax as you feed that baby.

  • Drop down cups

You are traveling using public means and you need to breastfeed your baby, what do you do? Do you have to lift all your breast out of the bra? No, this should not happen…. Nursing bras are made with a feature of having drop down cups so that in the event you are breastfeeding, you only need to drop the cup and continue with breastfeeding… Easier?

  • Stylish and Trendy.

A baby demands to feed at any given time anywhere. You will not flash out your boob in a not so good looking bra before everyone to breastfeed. Get stylish. There are so many brands of bras out in the market with different colors and design. Pick the one you will look forward to breastfeeding.

  • Relax

Breastfeeding is a moment you need to enjoy.. Don’t be stressed over unnecessary things. This is something you won’t do for long and therefore you need to give it your all. Breast feed your little baby as many times as you can.

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Enjoy your nursing journey!

How Do I Ensure My Baby is Free From Diaper Rash?

Have you ever wondered why your baby is ever reacting to different brands of diapers you buy? 
Most of us have embraced the use of Disposable Baby Diapers as opposed to washable ones due to the convenience that comes with it but fail to look at various things before deciding on what brand is best for our babies. 

In the current market, we have so many brands as the industry is more competitive. For every parent, it is important to know which brand best suits your child. Babies are all different and therefore will react differently to different brands. What works for one child might not necessarily work for the other.

While choosing the best Disposable Baby Diaper, every parent should remember that babies have the most sensitive skins as they are still adapting to new environment outside their mothers’ wombs. Therefore, it is necessary to check on the following to avoid exposing their skin to diaper rashes. 

  • Right size.

This is very crucial. We have different sizes for you to choose from depending on the age and weight of your baby. They range from newborn to extra large. You do not need to insist on a certain brand that does not have the size that is suitable for your child. 

  • Good Quality

Your baby’s bum needs enough air. You need to get good quality cotton diapers that will not irritate your baby’s skin. These will also include the other quality of products you are using on your baby like the oil and the wipes. The materials used should be able to absorb in any fluid well leaving your baby’s bum dry. 

  • Changing Times

This is where most people go wrong. It is recommended that a diaper should be changed after 3-4 hrs whether soiled or not. In cases where a baby soils it with poo, it should be changed immediately. Leaving it on for a long time will irritate your baby’s delicate skin leading to rashes. 

  • Cleanliness

Very important. Your baby’s bum should be well cleaned before any diaper change. Clean with warm water, dry well and moisturize with a gentle oil before using another diaper on the baby. 

  • Clinically tested. 

Use diapers that have been clinically tested and fit for the skin. You should be able to tell this by looking on the package where it is indicated.

  • Expiry Dates

Not many people know that diapers also have expiry dates. Just like any other expired product, an expired diaper will adversely affect your baby’s skin and leave it with rashes. This is also indicated on the package. 
In case you observe all these and still have rashes, consult with your baby’s pediatrician to rule out any other cause.

Remember, a baby who is not comfortable can make your life miserable from the endless cries and many visits to the doctor. Happy parenting to you all!

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Education Policies

bookThe best gift any parent can give to her child is education. Not just any education, but quality education.

The society we live in has brainwashed us. Anytime we here a mention of insurance, what comes to our mind first?

Have you as a parent secured your child’s future? What if death or any calamity befalls you and you are not able to take your child to school? Will the society educate your child for you? Of course not. It is your responsibility as a parent to ensure you have done everything possible to secure your child’s future.

Recently, a person well known to me whose future seemed bright was involved in an accident that left her disabled. She was declared incapacitated and therefore cannot continue with her employment. The sad thing is, she now has to depend on well wishers to support her young family through schooling, etc. Why?

What is an education policy?

In simpler terms, this is a savings/investment made  with an insurance company for your child’s future education. There are so many companies with different policies to choose from.

Why do you need an education policy?

  1. I have encountered insurance companies that give huge bonuses/interests on the target amounts upon maturity of the policies. Which parent would not be happy to receive a fat cheque when her child is joining high school?
  2. Most people ignore the fact that death is something we cannot avoid. Insurance companies will have your beneficiaries covered in such cases. Do you want to die and live your child suffering in this world?

Let us all get rid of the mentality we have about insurance companies and start securing our children future. Find out more information about policies and don’t just rely on false information your friends give.

Make a wise decision now and enjoy parenting!!!!